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6th Jun 2024


This year's World Environment Day theme is "land restoration, desertification and drought resilience" making it the perfect time to announce our new initiative to support reforestation and our partnership with Treeapp.

As of May 2024, Red Stag have been supporting a tree planting initiative to reduce global carbon emissions, revive aquatic ecosystems and reduce flood risks. Our reforestation campaign focuses on Mangrove trees in the wetlands of Indonesia, where Mangrove forests have seen a depletion of 40%.

The Mangrove trees we plant are never harvested, hopefully they will outlive us all.

Red Stag plant a tree for every order placed on our website. Following the imminent launch of our new website, customers will be able to see how many trees they have planted alongside a running total of the trees contributed to this initiative through buying with Red Stag.

Why Mangrove Trees?

  • One Mangrove tree removes 308kg (0.3 tonnes) of CO2 from the atmosphere over its growth life, which is 12.3kg per year.
  • The roots of Mangrove trees support the SDG goal to provide shelter for sea life
  • Mangrove forests act as the first line of defence against tsunami and flood risks.
  • Planting Mangroves provides work opportunities for local communities.

Our Pledge

Red Stag Materials is committed to positively impacting our community and environment through sustainable initiatives. We pledge to integrate eco-friendly practices in all areas of our business, focusing on reducing waste and our carbon footprint. Partnering with local organisations, we will support initiatives that enhance environmental conservation. Through leading by example we hope to encouraging an industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices and fostering a culture of responsibility.

Other Ways Red Stag Practices Sustainability

  • Certified Carbon neutral production of EZ Street Asphalt & use of biofuels in the manufacture of this product.
  • Paperless practice, we avoid printing unless absolutely necessary in order to cut back on paper consumption.
  • Supporting remote working; our team is fully remote meaning no carbon emissions for daily commutes.
  • Expanding the eco-friendly and sustainable product range